Revamp caffeine eye serum
Our purpose:
Catering for the generation who are spending hours in front of the screen and not getting enough sleep! 

 What makes us unique? We're a raw caffeine plant based serum that actually WORKS. We want to support you in your day-to day life and be the go-to destressing eye roller for you.
Special features
2 in 1 - Pump and eye roller 
Use the pump feature to access the caffeinated serum and use the roller ball tip to massage the serum under the eye area to help boost the blood circulation and remove the puffy, tired, undereyes. This is a pick me up go-to roller for a vibrant eye area! Achieve extra hydration, wide awake looking eyes and also firmer, tighter under-eye skin with a removal of any fine lines.
How it feels: 
Refreshing, cold and like you just got 8hrs of sleep!
How does it work?
Revamp undereye serum stimulates the eye area by cooling down the puffy under-eyes and reduces the intensity of under eye discoloration.  A light, non greasy gel formula that penetrates deeply into the skin and directly activates its key ingredients.  A rapidly cooling concoction of vitamins and nutrients with a high caffeine content and an injection of energy that you didn't think you could get.
How do I use this?
Apply this serum after cleansing your skin and make sure you are applying this on bare skin before any other moisturisers have been applied. Avoid combining with other creams as that could irritate your skin.
Why plant-based & organic?
Our under-eye area is very sensitive and we should be careful with what we apply to it. The majority of cosmetic eye creams contain harmful chemicals which immitate natural sources of vitamins required for the skin. This serum contains no preservatives and uses only natural plant ingredients so that your under-eyes can directly benefit from the vitamins and nutrients that are in it.
Caffeine will improve blood circulation and will plump up the skin, diminishing the appearance of dark circles. It helps constrict blood vessels to reduce any signs of puffy under eyes. 1) It has potent antioxidant properties 2) Helps to protect cells against the UV radiation 3) Tightens the skin for a youthful appearance and reduces dark under eye circles
Witch Hazel
A cooling astringent that shrinks the blood vessels which helps to depuff the undereyes.
Virgin Sweet Almond oil
This formula contains unrefined sweet almond virgin oil which has been cold pressed with no chemical treatment; helping it to preserve all of its natural fatty acids and vitamins. Sweet almond oil contains a good source of vitamin K which reduces eye discoloration and vitamin E which is an anti-oxidant that reduces wrinkles and dark circles.
Aloe vera 
Aloe vera has anti-ageing properties which helps to stimulate collagen formation and to restore the suppleness of the skin around the eyes, helping to give a youthful appearance. Containing vitamins A, C, B12 and vitamin E which will help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and wrinkles. Please feel free to visit the eye serum FAQ page for more information.


  • Please use this product at your own personal choice and seek medical advice where needed. 

    Please do a skin test patch before use for any skin irritation or allergies you may have. 

    The eye serum must be used within 6-12 months from the date of receipt. Store in a cool dry place.