Revamp London are a organic, vegan friendly and chemical free skincare provider

Our aim is to create unique products catered for common skincare problems and for you to see effective results through the beneficial use of the natural properties of plants.

We are a conscious brand encouraging individuals to stop the use of expensive, chemically induced eye creams and to realise that a naturally plant induced serum can give you better results!

Is this for me?

If you are somebody working against a busy schedule, constantly sleeping late or simply look tired all the time then give this a product a try.

Under eye problems are a daily and common problem for everybody. Whether you are suffering from dark under eyes, tired, morning, puffy eye-bags; our Revamp natural caffeine eye serum will directly activate the necessary vitamins and nutrients to wake up the under-eye area. It is enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants helping the under eyes to restore itself and be hydrated.