Our story

Revamp London specialises in a raw caffeinated eye formula to help get rid of tired, puffy, fatigued dark under-eyes.

Catering for the generation who are spending hours in front of the screen and not catching enough sleep!

Our aim & ethos is to focus on solely plant based & clean ingredients whilst epitomizing real results that actually work.

We're encouraging individuals to feel good about their selves mentally and physically. Our eye serum is an aid of support and symbolism of self-care for those with a demanding and busy lifestyle.  We are advocating the importance of ending  the use of expensive, chemically induced eye creams and to help you realise that a naturally plant induced serum will give you the real results!

Is this for me?

If you're seeking relief around your eye area and experiencing any of the following symptoms such as lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, a dehydrated eye area that needs nourishment; then do consider this serum.

Under eye problems are a daily and common problem for everybody. Whether you are suffering from dark under eyes, tired, morning, puffy eye-bags; our Revamp natural caffeine eye serum will directly activate the necessary vitamins and nutrients to wake up the under-eye area. It's enriched with vitamin E and antioxidants helping the under eyes to restore itself and be hydrated.