Does this get rid of dark circles?

Dark circles can be due to long term effects such as genetics or shorter term effects such as stress, lack of sleep and poor health. 


A healthy, balanced lifestyle and diet is always reccomended in combination with using this serum. The serum will brighten your under eyes by ensuring natural vitamins are absorbed into the skin; so that the intensity of dark circles will reduce for nourished and healthier skin. Please note that any results will vary from person to person.

How long will it take for me to see results?

There is no specified time frame for results as it depends on the intensity of dark circles, the root cause of them and the fact that it varies from person to person. The serum contains the natural vitamins to help revitalise and wake up dull/tired under eyes and to gradually reduce the intensity of dark circle under eyes.

Is this suitable for all skin types?

Disclaimer: Seek advice from your doctor or your dermatologist if you have any skin conditions before using Revamp London at home. We cannot give individualised advice on how to use the product based on certain skin conditions. It is the customer's responsibility to take necessary precautions before using the product. 

All ingredients are natural and organic and have been listed on the product description. It is advised to check the ingredients for allergy advice before purchasing. A skin test patch is always recommended to assess your suitability for this serum, as this has not been assessed for various skin types.

When is the best time to use the serum?

In the morning. The under eyes are usually dull, puffy and tired during this time and the serum will help to uplift the tired skin for livelier under eyes. The serum can be used at any time of day but must be used on bare skin, before any other products are used to avoid any skin irritation.

There is no recommended daily number of times to use this serum as this can be applied throughout the day. 

For further effect, it can be applied more than 2 times a day otherwise you can apply once.

Can I use this as an eye primer?

Yes you can. The formula softens the skin, reduces any red hues and adds a healthy glowing base; ideal before applying any cosmetic products.

I have tired, puffy eye bags. Will this serum help me?

Of course! This cooling formula has been designed to increase the blood circulation under the eyes by relieving the under-eyes and activating caffeine directly onto the skin, in order to reduce the puffiness of the under eyes. You will notice the difference as soon as you apply this onto the skin.